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Joseph Williamson


Joseph is our master of wood crafting here at From Skratch.

28 years old, from rural Wisconsin, he picked up woodworking after being fascinated by the tools used in the craft. 

A lover of animals and a supportive partner, Joseph is often described as an old soul. Giving whenever he can, putting kindness into the world in small acts.

Jennifer Babcock

Jennifer is the founder of From Skratch and the artist behind our products.

Drawn to all things artistic through out her 25 years on this earth, Jennifer created From Skratch as a way to put joy out into the world.

Animals being her happiness, finding inspiration was not difficult.

Blessed with an amazing support system, she is grateful for every day she has been given. Living her dreams in real time.

From Skratch(1)_edited.jpg

Jennifer and Joseph have spent 5 wonderful years together. Both animal lovers, they have created a small family of their own that includes: 3 indoor cats: Ricky, Reggie and Frank. their dog: Molly, Jennifer's numerous fish tanks and an always fluctuating number of foster animals.

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