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Paintings by From Skratch’s founder, Jennifer Babcock. 

All pieces are for sale unless otherwise stated. 

For more information on pricing and how to go about purchasing a painting, please contact us at

From Skratch aspires to make art that makes people happy. We attempt to accomplish that with our Pets! From Skratch. Through making our Pet’s we have been able to find our own happiness! They have brought so much joy into our lives and we are so grateful. 


The start of From Skratch was not always so happy. Our roots actually lie in more abstract, emotional art than we produce now. 


“I found peace in creating the paintings you see below. As much as I would like to bring nothing but happiness into the world, I understand that is not always everyone's reality. 

Through the hardest times in my life, art was the only way I could express myself. 

If you are going through something or are struggling right now, I hope these paintings will help. Maybe they won't bring you joy, but sometimes just knowing someone has felt the same way is comforting.” - Jennifer Babcock

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TRIGGER WARNING! The following paintings and descriptions mention: Sexual assault, Deppression, Traumatic situations.

Treading Life


"My mind isn't built for the life I've been given, but I'm treading water anyway."

From floating in my mind, to a tidepool that's a little too deep.


From scared little girl, to a woman who feels too much.


Trauma does strange things to our minds. I can only begin to describe it as drowning even when you know how to swim.

It feels like the motions you're making are all the right ones, but still. You're sinking.

Depression is like that.


I spent a long time flailing in the water before I realized everyone around me is "Treading Life" too.

All at Once

"A stomach like TV static and a mind that wont stop melting."

They say water feels like fire in your lungs while drowning.


Terror feels a lot like fury after a while, doesn't it? 


At one point in my life, It seemed I had nothing but fury. At everyone for not magically validating my feelings. At myself for having those feelings in the first place.


As if being angry all the time would make the anger go away.


Try putting out that fire in your lungs with more water. It'll never stop.


"All at Once" the flames will just lick higher, into your throat.


A Kind of Natural


"Not everything that comes natural is easy. Your nature is yours."

Trauma is a learning curve.


We all have different ways of processing or not processing it. That fire in my chest might be the chill in yours.


The skills we have at birth or even the ones we have after 20 years, are not foolproof.


But that natural instinct doesn't have to be forever.


There is nothing wrong with

"A Kind Of Natural" you make for yourself.

Air Too Busy To Breath

"My lungs are full of panic. It won't leave without a fight."

I remember being young, scared and awake in the middle of the night. Worrying myself into a panic. My mother waking up to help calm me. 


She used to ask me "Can you do anything about it right now?" 


The answer was, of course, always no.

"Then put it in a bubble and blow it away."


A great trick to helping me get my breathing under control, but also a phrase I would carry with me the rest of my life. 


"Air Too Busy To Breath" was the day life got too heavy to float in the opposite direction.

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